VoCamp - Energy measurement data in municipalities (22-23 April 2015)

This VoCamp is focused on how municipalities can represent their data about energy measurement in order to publish it online (e.g., as open data). The interest to this question arises from the expected benefits such as the ability to easily reuse these data by third parties or to link them to other relevant data for further processing (e.g., building information models, climate, occupancy).

A VoCamp is an informal event where people can spend some dedicated time creating lightweight vocabularies/ontologies for the Semantic Web/Web of Data. The emphasis of the events is not on creating the perfect ontology in a particular domain, but on creating vocabularies that are good enough for people to start using for publishing data on the Web.


The goal of the VoCamp will be to obtain a common ontology that can be used by municipalities to represent their energy measurement data in order to publish such data online as Linked Data.

The event will be of a practical nature. A set of energy measurement datasets will be selected and, dividing participants into groups, we will define vocabularies that can be used to represent such datasets. Work will start from a seed vocabulary and the idea is to end the VoCamp with a common vocabulary that can be used by the different datasets.

VoCamp participants are encouraged to bring their own datasets to the VoCamp; this way after the event they will have a vocabulary that can be used with their data. To this end, datasets must be submitted 15 days before the VoCamp to the organizers. Apart from defining this common vocabulary, we aim to analyse potential use cases for these datasets+vocabularies as well as work on the localization of these vocabularies.

Programme (Preliminary)

The preliminary schedule for the event is outlined in the following.

Wednesday, April 22nd 2015
  • [09:00 - 09:30] Reception and introduction to the VoCamp
  • [09:30 - 10:50] Participants presentation
  • [10:50 - 11:15] Datasets presentation (5 min. per dataset; 4 slides: 3 for dataset and 1 for use case)
  • [11:15 - 11:30] Coffee
  • [11:30 - 12:00] Existing vocabularies presentation
  • [12:00 - 12:30] Seed vocabulary presentation, including Modelling patterns
  • [12:30 - 13:00] Working group creation and contact with the datasets
  • [13:00 - 14:00] Lunch
  • [14:00 - 15:45] Use and extend the seed vocabulary (In groups)
  • [15:45 - 16:00] Coffee
  • [16:00 - 17: 45] Use and extend the seed vocabulary (In groups)
  • [17: 45 - 18:00] Recap of 1st day
Thursday, April 23rd 2015
  • [09:00 - 10:30] Reach consensus on a common vocabulary
  • [10:30 - 11:15] Analysis of use cases
  • [11:15 - 11:30] Coffee
  • [11:30 - 12:40] Localization of ontologies
  • [12:40 - 13:00] Conclusions and future steps


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The VoCamp is open to all practitioners and researchers interested in the application of Linked Data technologies for the publication of energy measurement data at a municipality level.

Participants should register to the meeting through the following link. The deadline for registrations is April 1, 2015. Limited places!

How Much

The VoCamp event itself is free, travel within the EU and accommodation will be reimbursed according to the legislation of the EC (economy class travel and hotel costs not higher than 130€ per day), reimbursement templates will be provided after registration.

Important Dates

Registration closes: April 1, 2015
Datasets to be used: April 8, 2015
Vocamp: April 22-23, 2015


The event will be held at the Austrian Institute of Technology - AIT (Energy Department), Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna, Austria.

Travel Information

Please see attached documents on how to reach AIT’s premises.


Please see attached documents on hotels in Vienna which have special rates available for AIT’s guests.